Peter + Steven // Surprise Engagement

I have known Steven and Peter since I met my wife, Heather.  They welcomed me in as a great friend and a feeling that you get when you are part of a family.  I knew instantly that Peter and Steven were great people and was proud of Heather to be friends with.   We have got to spend the next few years as great friends and they attended my surprise engagement and got to be a part of my own wedding. One thing that caught my eye when I was with them was how much they loved each other.  It is the type of love that you see when you know everything is working right and everything in their life have finally made it to the point where it was ready to move on to the next chapter in the book.  That is when I received the phone call from Peter to not only take pictures of his surprise engagement, but help make plans to trick Steven into getting to Disney's Boardwalk where the event would take place.

With some quick brainstorming, we came up with the idea to stage a mock photo shoot for an un-named clothing designer who was looking to hire me but wanted some portfolio shots.  I sent a long email asking for their help to be available to take a few pictures in nice clothes for me.  It was off the wall, but it worked!  


While we were doing the shoot, Peter's plan was being executed exactly the way he wanted and when we got to the designated "spot",  the fun, staged shoot quickly transformed into an event that these two will remember for the rest of their lives.  It was perfect.  It was emotional.  It was love.

Thank you for including me on your big day and I am extremely happy for the both you and what your future holds.