Jessica + Travis // Maternity

I really enjoy shooting pictures of two people who are in love. I think if I wasn't in my computer / engineer career that I have now, I would love to do this full time. It is a really great feeling to get to create and deliver photographs of people who genuinely love each other.  For now, I do a few photo shoots once in a while and when I do, I try to do my best to capture what I see in front of me as if I was doing it as a full time job.  

Meet Jessica and Travis, who just got married, are opening yet another page in the their book of life with a beautiful girl on the way.  We got to shoot right in their backyard in the beautiful inner coastal near Jacksonville, Florida. Yes, this was literally right behind their house! The amazing backdrop, gorgeous couple, raw emotion and spectacular light made it easy for me to capture some wonderful moments that I am sure their little baby girl will cherish in the future.  


All pictures shot on my new Fujifilm X-Pro 2 (review coming soon!)