ONA Bowery Review

One of the struggles being new to photography is finding the right equipment to use.  I was going into this blind and relying on research and feedback to start me on the path to this creative world.  After making big purchases like your camera body and your lenses, you have to ask yourself. Where am I going to store this expensive equipment when I want to bring it to the places I want to shoot? So that takes you to the dreaded bag hunt.  Typing in a search for a camera bag brings you hundreds, thousands of bags you can choose from.  Backpacks, Slings, Messengers, etc.  They have every style that can fit your needs.  What I wanted was a bag that fit some of my personal needs, which were: Carry all my equipment, Protect my equipment, Look stylish and look like I am not carrying around expensive equipment. 

After 2 previous failed attempts, A small personal backpack (no protection), a Niko Chrome Sling (beautiful bag, but too heavy and small), I finally found a company that produced the bag that fit all my needs. ONA.  I went and purchased the ONA Bowery bag in field tan which seems to be the smaller bag which supports the smaller DSLR / Mirrorless cameras.  At $129.00 it is on the pricier side of bags, but this bag is a huge investment because it is designed with superior quality and has a great vintage style to match.  Here are some of the details from ONA's website product description:

Handcrafted with premium Waxwear
Removable, adjustable strap
 Full-grain leather details
Secure tuck-clasp closure
Side weather flaps to protect your gear
Room for a camera and one small lens or accessory
Exterior dimensions: 10.5"L X 7"H X 4"D
Interior dimensions: 10"L x 6"H x 4"D
Weight: 1.4 lbs

The Bowery is handcrafted, water resistant, secure, great looking, vintage, roomy, etc. In other words it is perfect for me.  I feel this bag was designed to last a lifetime and that makes the price justifiable for me, especially with the cost of equipment it will be protecting.  

Photo Jan 27, 10 45 06 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 27, 10 45 40 AM.jpg

The bag is quite roomy for how small the bag looks.  Right off the start, I was able to pack my OM-D E-M5, OM10, roll of film, flash, 2 batteries, 2 lenses with plenty of spare room for another lens, notebook, pen and even a small tripod.  I was quite impressed  with how secure and safe every item felt in the bag.  It is big enough to carry exactly what I need on a daily basis yet small enough to not lug around something huge.  Plus the vintage look of the bag is not screaming for attention.  Another feature I was looking for.  The bag's waxwear canvas makes it stiff and easy to open and close.  You don't have to worry about the canvas flapping around when you walk.  The accents of the bag are in quality leather.  The inside of the bag has a soft insert that is configurable with Velcro to place how you want to have your bag setup. The strap on the bag is nice and thick and feels comfortable around your shoulder.  The straps connect to the bag with vintage style brass clasps.  They are also easily removable if you want to place this bag inside of a larger bag like a suitcase.  When you lift the cover of the bag by pushing in the secure tuck-clasp, you see the brand logo which is not published on the front cover like most bags.   There are 5 pockets for additional storage. 2 in the front, 2 on the side and 1 large slide pocket on the rear which could fit a iPad mini.  The Bowery definitely does not disappoint.


In conclusion, my advice is to don't skimp on your camera bag.  You have expensive equipment and you want a bag that will protect that equipment and also last a long time just like your camera and lenses.  If you are looking for a bag that has excellent build quiality, safe equipment protection and stylish looks.  I highly recommend the ONA Bowery for your mirrorless camera needs.

If you are intested in picking one up you can get yourself one at the following links: