Couples Session GUIDE.

It is almost time for us to take pictures and I can understand that there is a lot of stress that is involved in planning that can lead to a lot of pressure and confusion. My goal is to capture the best of you and also while in a relaxed, stress-free and fun environment.  I thought I make quick guide to give you some advice on how we can do that together.


What to Wear.

Surprisingly, this is the top ticket item asked when preparing for the photo session. "What should we wear?"  A simple, yet complex question.  I cannot completely answer this question, but I can point you into the right direction to help you consider your "look".

  • We want to make photos that age with time and create a lasting memory.  Avoid brand logos, words or phrases, and anything that will distract the eyes from focusing on you.  These items can give your image a sense of time and easily date your images instead of making them feel "timeless".
  • Avoid matching outfits. Back in the day and even currently, same color t-shirt and jeans were a popular dress code for pictures. I recommend couples or groups to match in color schemes or complimentary colors.  If you love a specific color, compliment those colors together in a subtle way. Simple patterns and accessories can really bring out life in the image like the dots on the tie (pictured above).
  • Colors.  Bright bold colors like bright pinks, teal, lime green, neon orange, and other bold and bright colors in that extreme color space really pop on the camera.  If picking bright, bold colors, I suggest picking ones that play off each other and not using the same colors together, like orange + blue.  Solid colors with pops of bright colors work even better like a white dress with bright red / pink floral print make an instant connection with the eyes. Neutral / Earth tone colors photograph really well and are easier on the eyes.  Greys, Copper, Mustard, Tan, Cream, Navy Blue, Black, Maroon, Olive or any neutral/muted color work great.  I suggest being aware of where you plan to shoot and offset those colors for a nice contrast and pop in the image.  For example, if the shoot is planned in a nice green park, with lots of green trees and bushes, I would avoid wearing green to this shoot or tan if the shoot was on the beach.  Think about the opposite of where you will be and the colors of your outfits will separate you from the background and not try to blend you in.  Pinterest has great inspiration for outfits that you can find HERE.
  • Be Yourself.  I want to capture your true self and dressing in an outfit style or shoes that you personally have never wore before and makes you uncomfortable will distract from being you.  Comfort is key.
  • Consider the Weather.  Check the weather and adjust clothing accordingly.  Florida can be really hot and I advise not to dress in too much layers to make you sweat.  Stay comfortable, again Comfort is key. 
  • Nothing in your pockets. I try to avoid any distractions from showcasing your love and that includes the outline of your phone or keys in your pockets.  It may be an overlooked thing when it is time to shoot, but I recommend leaving as much as possible behind and only bring your necessities with you. Don't worry,  the things you need with you, I can hold in my bag while we shoot. 
  • Can't Decide?  If you can't decide between two outfits, go for both.  We typically have 2 hours of shoot time and that is plenty of time to take a lot of pictures.  Don't feel like you have to stick to one outfit.  If you want to do an outfit change in the middle of the session.  We can do that!
  • Shopping:  H&MOld NavyAnthropologieTargetFree PeopleExpress, Sophie & Trey and Amazon are some of my favorite places to get Photo Session clothes.


I can tell you that I am a nervous wreck when I am on the opposite side of the camera. When you are forced to be in front of the camera it can be incredibly awkward and that is ok.  The awkwardness will be there at first but I am also there to help direct you and make sure you are comfortable as possible during our session time. Every couple is different and unique.  I want to capture what makes the both of you as a couple, "you".  As we progress through the photo session, I will adapt to understanding both of you as a couple and direct my vision to match your personalities.  I really want to make you feel something when you look back at your photographs.

Here are few things to keep in mind during your session:

  • Comfort is key. I know you keep seeing that line in this article but it is true!  It is completely OK to not know what you are doing or feel awkward with how to pose or stand.  I am there to guide you and ease you into the photo taking process.  We will talk, I will ask you questions to get to know you and once I have you comfortable, you get to focus more on the picture taking and less being awkward. My style of photography is for you to act natural, capture moments with natural movements and not as much stiff posing. I will encourage you to converse and engage with your fiance/family/spouse (who ever you're with!) in a natural way.  Hopefully that doesn't sound that intimidating but it will be smooth sailing.  My job is to make sure we take amazing photos together and a comfortable connection is key!
  • Trust. The best photos are the ones that unfold naturally as the photo session progresses.  If you saw a particular photo that you loved on Pinterest or Google and want it replicated.  Sure we can try, but try to remember, I am not that photographer and you hired me based on the work that I deliver in my portfolio. I will do my very best to deliver photos that you will enjoy that I developed from my own creativity.  Trust my vision, trust that I aim to make you and others look great in front of my lens and that I am proud of my skills that I want to share with you.  Trust me, I promise to deliver.
  • Share it.  I want you to be "you".  Allow me inside your couple space during our shoot.  I want to capture the laughter, the love, the moments that make you connect.  Don't be afraid to share it with me as I will be watching for those moments. Meet me in the middle and by allowing me into your love, I can capture some amazing moments.
  • Don't be rushed.  Try not to set yourself on a strict timelime.  That includes before and after the shoot.  The stress from being late to a shoot or trying to rush the shoot to be somewhere afterwards can have an effect on your session time. I encourage you to pick a day where you can be flexible with time.  
  • Forget me.  I am there for you.  I want you to focus all of your attention and energy on each other. Embrace the love and remember that this a documentary on an exciting new stage in your life.  Focus on enjoying the moment, not so much on what the pictures will look like.  Trust me. :)



If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.