Heather + Ed // Joshua Tree

I took my wife on quick little getaway before we started our lives as new parents. We decided to go to Palm Springs for some sun and relaxation.  We got to explore a new city that was absolutely breathtaking and it was a perfect opportunity for us to spend some alone time together before two became three.   On a Friday evening,  we decided that we wanted to eat dinner out in Joshua Tree National Park instead of going to a restaurant.  We hit up a sandwich shop, bought some subs, packed a picnic and drove out to the park so we could eat under the stars when the sun went down. It was one of the best dinners I've ever ate. In case you wanted to know what that looks like, this was the view.

Before the sun went down and we were given access to nature's planetarium, I setup the tripod for a little bit and attempted to do our own pictures.  I quickly learned that this was no easy task.  I have a hard enough time when I am directing other people in front of me, but trying to take your own pictures in the same manner that you would take other people's pictures with no direct access to your camera to move, frame, and adjust your creativity definitely had its challenges.   In the end I came out with some perfectly, imperfect pictures that made some great memories for my wife and I. The desert sunset, the stars, the dinner, the company, the pictures,  and the memories. It was truly perfect and I am happy to share.

Heather + Ed
Lat. 33.8734° N, Long. 115.9010° W