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It's probably known by now that I absolutely love the west coast. I want to visit everywhere over there and explore every mile that I can see.  When my wife asked where to go for a little getaway trip before we started the parent life, California seemed like the right answer!  We really wanted to go to Yosemite but with her being pregnant, we thought we could save that for another time. We checked out the map and decided that Palm Springs looked like a nice, relaxing and beautiful place.  It definetely met all those expectations.


I am going on record here to say that Palm Springs is one of the coolest cities I have ever been to. The retro, colorful and clean vibe of this amazing city was something that I have never experienced before.  It was the perfect getaway for us to relax in the pools, do small hikes, visit some mountains and drive up the coast. We compacted everything we loved to do in a short amount time with no real plans and just let the vacation unfold.  We started off in Palm Springs, spent a few days there (way too short), then headed off up the coast to San Diego, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach and Venice Beach before coming back home to Florida.  It was another successful time of new adventures that we got to share together and now we are only itching to get back there and with our new member of the family.


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