Immerse 2017

Downtown Orlando was filled with a day / night full of over 1,000 creative artists.  The Creative City Project assisted in transforming downtown Orlando into a specticle of creativity. Description from their website reads: "IMMERSE is an invitation to unexpected creative encounters in the heart of Downtown Orlando. You'll find yourself truly immersed in art, performance, and interactive installations."

I was invited out to this event by IGers Orlando / The Creative City Project team and it was an amazing, well put together event.  There was entertainment for all ages around the city and it truly was an area that had you immersed into what these wonderful artists presented you with.  Below is a small capture of what I saw at the event.  Please, please go and support this event next year.  You do not want to miss!

I can't wait to see what 2018 will bring.  Thank you The Creative City Project and IGers Orlando!

Check them out: