Honeymoon - The Pictures


In my previous blog (here) I shared a video of my recent honeymoon to the beautiful west coast.  If you havn't see it, check it out!  

At the end of the video you get a nice flashback of the pictures that were on my SD cards when i get home.  After a few months home, dealing with a broken computer and being extremely busy, I finally got around to editing and picking out my favorites from the trip.  Our honeymoon was truly an unforgettable experience.  We got to explore the beautiful Pacific Nortwest which til this day is my favorite place I've ever been. We got to experience a slew of new things together on our first vacation as a married couple.   It was a lot to "news" and I enjoyed every minute of it.

It was hard to trim down a 15 day experience with only a few pictures, so here they are. The only thing not shown here was our two days in Seattle where I decided to only shoot film on my newly purchased Nikon F3 and in Black and White film and ended up having a major light leak in the camera and all my film was destroyed.  What a bummer, but I guess I have a great excuse to get back to the wonder Pacific Northwest!


Places visited:

Portland | Cape Lookout | Hug Point | Tillamook | Cannon Beach | Ecola State Park | Seattle

Mt. Rainier National Park | Ruby Beach | Juneau | Skagway | Victoria, BC

All Photos shot on Olympus EM5 Mark II or Fuji x70