Honeymoon - My very small step into the video world...

When we decided to get married, one of the cool things we got to do is plan our honeymoon. We ended up deciding that we didn't want to do anything tropical because that is basically where we live, so we did something a little out of the norm and planned a trip far away from islands as possible and that destination was Alaska.  We planned our trip to fly into Portland, Oregon and drive up the coast to Seattle, Washington and then hop on a cruise ship to Alaska. 

I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we made because it was an amazing experience and I truly will never forget what we experienced and how beautiful the places we traveled were.  We traveled to many remote locations, didn't have any cell phone service and we connected as a newly husband and wife like we never did before.  Nature has that effect on you and it is a place that I can truly be happy in.  I miss it already.

I decided to switch things up this time, I normally always take pictures and I still did (I'll post those at another time) but I wanted more from this experience because well, it was my honeymoon. I wanted these memories to last.  I knew my cameras had video features but I never used them and I never was interested in taking video, but as I evolved in taking pictures, I wanted to do more, I wanted to capture more. So, a week before I left, I read my manuals and learned how to use the video features on my cameras and I just jumped into video without really knowing what to do.  I had no idea what I was even going to do with the video when I got back as I didn't know how to edit video or even know any information about what to do with the video other than play it.  However, with all things I am normally inspired by, I learn, I start reading guides, I read manuals, I watch videos and I just figure things out on my own. 

I learned a ton in the couple of weeks it took me to put this together. I learned how to put together a story based on visuals.  I learned how to edit. I learned how to read wavelengths. I learned about frames per second. I learned about scrubbing. I learned about color grading. I learned that I needed to keep my camera steady! I learned what I need to do to improve my shots and what type of shots I should try to shoot next and most importantly I learned how to make a short film.  

Far from perfect,  but I came home with over 300 video files from my honeymoon and I sorted through it all, put together a story in my head that I thought would give you a sense of what I experienced during our honeymoon adventure and It gave me the first step needed to push and learn from the things that I did right and could have done better.  I am looking forward to where these new lessons will take me.

- e