California Adventure - Part II

As I am editing my pictures from my trip (see previous post - here), I am doing it slow, patient not because I am a slow editor but because I am cherishing each picture reflecting back on the memory I had when I did them. It is as if when I'm done with these pictures, I will be done with California. I really hope that is not the case, I don't know when I will get the chance to go back there, but I will make it a mission to really do so, I have so much more to explore there!  

Next up on our trip we traveled out of San Francisco to Fort Funston again, up North to Muir Woods, to the east to Napa Valley and then finally leaving and traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey Bay, California.  Traveling down the PCH was definitely the highlight of my trip, especially Big Sur, that deserves its own blog post, which will come next week!

Muir Woods is something that I recommend putting on your list of things to do if you are visiting the SF area.  It is not that far of a drive, maybe 45 minutes to an hour of winding roads that take you to a beautiful green canopy of forest. Gigantic trees that you have to see in person to understand their history and massive size.  On the way, there is Muir Beach which you can walk along and gaze out to the ocean surrounded by cliffs, pounding waves, huge rocks and wildlife. We spotted all types of amazing plants, shells and even dolphins.  It was a natural moment that was complete opposite of my routine life in the city and it will always be a time that I just looked out and appreciated the moments I was given.  We hiked for hours in Muir Woods, passing each tree with smiles, stopping along the way and eating our packed lunch on a tree trunk that had fallen down and could have been there for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  The best seat in the house was an understatement. 

After Muir Woods, we traveled to Napa Valley. This place was unique to say, driving through a road surrounded by hills and hills of grapes. That is it, grapes on grapes on grapes.    We stopped at a winery that we booked in advance, Del Dotto Vineyards.  It was a wine cave and we drank lots of wine! No problem with that! I even bought a bottle to take with us to Big Sur.  Leaving Napa Valley, we went and played in some vineyards and then went back to Fort Funston to watch the final sunset in the city before we ventured down the PCH.  The sunset did not disappoint!

Fort Funston - You are beautiful

Fort Funston - You are beautiful

In the morning we said goodbye to our cozy AirBnB and got in the car and headed down US , stopping at the Golden Gate Bridge one final time.  It was a gloomy day, dark and overcast.  It didn't stop the views from being amazing! It was about an hour drive to Monterey Bay, it took us about two hours as we stopped a lot to get some breakfast, coffee and stop at view points to just go and look out at the scenery. Monterey Bay was a small, cozy town that we could walk all around.  The first stop was the Monterey Bay Aquarium which I had heard great things about and once again it didn't disappoint.  I loved the fact that the main tank connected to the ocean, giving the viewer a dynamic showing of what nature wanted us to see.

That is it for now, I will be back next week for one of my favorite spots on the trip. Big Sur!  I can't wait to share.  


Muir Woods, Napa, Pacific Coast Highway, Monterey Bay

All pictures shot with Olympus EM5 and Iphone 6