Million Mask March

I got word on social media that there was a protest march in Orlando organized by an international network of activists and hacktivist known as Anonymous.  It was right by my work so I grabbed my camera and walked out to the rally point which was at the beautiful Lake Eola.   

This day,  November 5th, Anonymous-inspired activists took to the streets across the world protesting censorship, government corruption, police brutality and more.  The loyal members, hiding behind masks and most wearing the symbolic Guy Fawkes Mask popularized by the “V for Vendetta” movie,  marched in this "Million Mask March" from Lake Eola to our City Hall to make their voices heard.  

I admit that I knew little about the event being taking place but I wanted to document and learn what was going on. Even though I didn't have a mask, I was welcomed by friendly protesters and many explained to me why they are there and why this is important to them. As I took pictures and weaved in and out of the crowds, I could feel the energy and the passion that they wanted people to feel and hear.  They chanted "We are Anonymous", "We are the 99 percent!"  For a moment, I ventured into someone else's world and I did my best to capture a group of people that set out to inspire and take action to push for a better place for us.

Million Mask March - Orlando